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SynTrack is a mechanically attached synthetic roofing underlayment designed for steep slope roofing to provide a lasting secondary layer of protection against wind-driven rain, shingle blow-offs, and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

SynTrack provides a considerable improvement over asphalt saturated felt with its superior strength, durability, and fiber grip walking surface. Gone are the days of blow offs and call backs.

SynTrack is 12 times stronger than #30 felt and offers both superior wind resistance and foot traffic durability. It is warranted for up to 90 UV days exposure and will not crack when cold, or dry out and leach oils in the heat like traditional felt.

SynTrack is lightweight, easy to carry, cool to the touch, and pliable under extreme temperatures. Its wrinkle-free surface does not shrink in high temperatures and will lay flat and straight over longer distances. Its advanced underside non-slip coating keeps the product in place and helps prevent pulls that can cause leaks around fasteners. SynTrack is designed for use under; wood, asphalt, and synthetic shingles, and cedar shakes. It meets and exceeds all required industry standards.

WIDTH48″ (1.22 M)
LENGTH250′ (76.2 M)
WARRANTY15 Year Limited

Test and StandardSynTrack15 Lb. Felt
Material Composition
Breaking Strength ASTM D 5034 MD
85 lb (38.6 kg)NA
Breaking Strength ASTM D 5034 CD
85 lb (38.6 kg)
Tear Strength ASTM D4533 MD
23 lb (10 kg)NA
Tear Strength ASTM D4533 CD
23 lb (10 kg)
Water shower Exposure ASTM D 4869
Permeability ASTM E96
<0.05 Perms6 Perms
Nominal Thickness ASTM D1777 
8 mils
21 mils
Temperature Range 
-40°F to 240°F
Mullen Burst
100 psiNA
100% RecyclableYesNo
Enhanced Slip Resistant SurfaceExcellentBasic
UV Resistant90 daysNo
The Data shown above is based on the test averages and independent test reports. There can be a +/-10% variation in the individual test results. This report should not be considered as a warranty for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the data by the reader. Please find out more about the product by calling 1-844-353-9839 or visit


Installation Instructions:                                                       Rev Sept 18, 2020

USE: SynTrack is a builder grade synthetic roofing underlayment designed for use in steep slope roofing as a secondary layer of protection. It is approved for installation over plywood or OSB roof decking with proper fasteners on roof slopes 2:12 and greater. SynTrack is an air, vapor, and water barrier with <1 Perm and therefore should be installed above a properly ventilated space(s). SynTrack replaces the use of #15 or #30 organic roofing felt and is designed for use under primary roofing products such as asphalt or synthetic shingles, metal in residential applications, and primed cedar shakes.

DECK PREPARATION: SynTrack should be installed over a clean, smooth, and dry deck. The deck should be structurally sound and should not have any voids, protrusions, damaged or unsupported areas. For re-roofing projects, replace any water damaged sheathing and sweep roof deck thoroughly removing dust, dirt and loose nails. Do not install over old roof covering.

FASTENERS: For best performance and extended exposures greater than 1 day and up to 90 days SynTrack should be installed with 1” diameter plastic or metal cap, corrosive resistant, roofing nails with 1” leg or greater (ring shank preferred), or 1” diameter plastic cap staples.

If SynTrack is to be covered same day by primary roofing and no driving rain or high wind events are expected it can be installed with corrosive resistant 3/8” head roofing nails with 1” leg or greater (ring shank recommended). Note: Use of un-capped fasteners may result in blow off or leakage around fastener penetrations during a rain or high wind event.

For coastal areas and extended exposure conditions where driving rain or strong winds are expected it is recommended to take additional precautions such as doubling lap widths, adding an adhesive on overlaps, and/or taping all roof deck seams and/or underlayment overlap seams including the perimeter edges of the roof.  For taping roof deck seams and perimeter edges consider FT Copperhead butyl roofing tape.  For adhesive use a low solvent plastic roofing cement meeting ASTM D-4586 Type 1 or Federal Spec SS-153 Type 1, such as Karnak, Henry, DAP or equivalent.

APPLICATION:  For slopes 4:12 and greater SynTrack underlayment is to be installed  horizontally (parallel to the eave) with the printed side up using the provided lap lines.  Use 6” vertical laps and 4” horizontal laps. Underlayment to be installed in shingle lap fashion starting at the bottom edge of the roof deck to ensure that the water runs over the overlaps without getting under the material. Align the underlayment to the edge of the rake and eaves.  SynTrack should be applied under the metal drip edge along the rakes and over the metal drip edge along the eaves unless otherwise specified by local building codes.  Do not fold SynTrack over the roof edge unless this edge is to be subsequently covered over by a drip edge or other flashing material. Note: all end laps of succeeding courses should be offset by a minimum of 6 feet. SynTrack to be fastened using the nail pattern as printed on the product. All anchoring must be performed snug and hammered flush and 90 degrees to the roof deck, ensuring the material surface is held tightly with the roof deck. Do not install fasteners over unsupported areas/voids. Extend product a minimum of 12” past all hips and valleys, and lap up onto walls and abutments a minimum of 8”. For batten secured installations use appropriate length ring shank nails or screws to secure battens to the roof deck, staples are not recommended. Do not install battens over cap nails.

For low slope applications between 2:12 and 4:12 it is recommended to cover the roof deck with two layers of SynTrack. Begin by installing a 24” wide strip along the eave with minimal fasteners. Then cover with a full 48” width of SynTrack.  Then overlap each successive course by 50% plus 1 inch. Vertical lap requirements are the same as 4:12 and greater slopes. Note: Product is not recommended for slopes less than 2:12. 

If installing an ice and water protection barrier it should be installed first along the eaves and in the valleys.  It is recommended to use an ASTM D1970 approved waterproof membrane such as FT Platinum HTSA or Komodo BSA.  For additional rake edge waterproofing apply a minimum 6” strip of adhesive backed seam tape flush to the rake edge on top of the SynTrack, then install the metal drip edge.  Consider using FT Copperhead butyl roofing seam and flashing tape.

SynTrack has 90 Days UV protection and is not designed for indefinite outdoor exposure.  It is therefore recommended that installation of the primary roofing material be installed within 90 Days.

CAUTION – Read Good Safety Practice Below

As with any roofing product, always follow safe roofing codes & practices (OSHA) and always use and wear fall protection devices when working on roofs. Release liners are slippery and should be removed from work area immediately after application. Use caution when walking or standing on SynTrack as slip resistance may vary with surface conditions, weather, footwear and roof pitch. Failure to use proper safety gear and footwear can result in serious injury.

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