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FT Synthetics HYDRA is a breathable synthetic roofing underlayment designed to add an extra layer of protection from water penetrating your roof, and at the same time help the release of trapped moisture due to poor attic ventilation. HYDRA is designed with an internal monolithic membrane. This structure provides outstanding vapor permeability using an advanced chemical transfer of water vapor and acts as a liquid water barrier under all weather conditions. HYDRA includes our slip-resistant GRIPSPOT™ technology top surface for superior walkability and HYDRY™ technology for faster roof deck drying.

HYDRY™  Technology*

Now features our exclusive HYDRY™ technology designed to tackle the problem of water on the roof deck during installation. Non-breathable synthetic roofing underlayments will trap liquid water on a roof deck which can quickly lead to mold growth and possible roof deck rot. Other breathable roof underlayments don’t perform much better and are slow to move liquid water from the deck. HYDRY technology quickly absorbs water from the deck and transfers it at a rate 15 times the leading breathable synthetic underlayment in the market and 10 times traditional #30 felt.

  • NEW HYDRY technology for:
          Rapid roof deck drying
          Reduction in mold  growth
          Helping prevent roof deck rot
  • GRIPSPOT Technology for superior slip resistance
  • Durable breathable three-layer construction
  • Safe and easy installation
  • 180 day UV resistant
  • Does not wrinkle or curl
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • 6x stronger and 5x lighter than traditional #30 felt
  • LIFETIME limited warranty

HYDRA Meets or exceeds the following code standards: ASTM D226-97, ASTM D4869, CAN/CSA A123.3, FBC #FL20853, CAN/CSA, A220.1, ASTM E108, CCRR 1028, AC188, TDI, RCABC RoofStar, California Building Code Compliant

WIDTH48″ (1.22 M)
LENGTH125′ (38.1 M)

Test and StandardFT SYNTHETICS HYDRA#30 Felt
Material Composition
UV Resistance6 MonthsNA
ASTM D226 Type I & IIMeets and ExceedsMeets
Water shower Exposure ASTM D 4869
Permeability ASTM E96-B
30 Perms
5 Perms
Permeability ASTM E96-BW
150 Perms
15 Perms
Deck-Side Water Absrbency in 10 Min35g/m^2NA
Temperature Range 
-40°F to 240°F
Nominal Thickness ASTM D1777 
30 mils / 0.76 mm
60 mils / 1.54 mm
Slip Resistant Surface
Class A Fire ASTM E108PassNA
The Data shown above is based on the test averages and independent test reports. There can be a +/-10% variation in the individual test results. This report should not be considered as a warranty for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the data by the reader. Please find out more about the product by calling 1-844-353-9839 or visit www.ftsyn.com

HYDRA – Breathable Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Use: HYDRA is a secondary layer of water resistant protection designed for use in steep slope roofing. It is approved for installation over plywood or OSB on roof slopes 2:12 and greater. HYDRA is ideal for breathable roof systems such as metal, tile, slate and cedar shingles but can also be used under asphalt or synthetic shingles. 

Preparation: Before installing the underlayment ensure that the roof deck is clean, dry, and clear of any debris or sharp protrusions. 

Application: For slopes 4:12 and greater HYDRA should be laid out horizontally (parallel to the eave) with the printed side up using 4” horizontal laps and 6” vertical laps. For low slope applications between 2:12 to 4:12, it is recommended to increase overlaps 50% plus 1”.  It is recommended to follow all building codes applicable to your geographic region and structure type, for details contact local authorities having jurisdiction. 

Fastening: For same day coverage HYDRA can be installed with 3/8” head x 1” leg roofing nails (Ring shank preferred), and the use of every other anchoring point in the field of the product is acceptable. For best performance and for exposures greater than 1 day and up to 180 days, product should be anchored with 1” plastic or metal cap-nails or cap-staples. For extended exposure fasten the product using every anchoring position as printed on the product.  All anchoring nails must be flush, 90 degrees to the roof deck, and tight with the underlayment surface and structural roof deck. Product has 180 Days UV protection, but it should not be considered a final roofing system. Note: Un-capped staples can only be used if the primary roofing material is installed within 48 hours and if rain or high winds are not expected. Use of un-capped fasteners may result in a possibility of blow off or leakage around the fasteners.

CAUTION: Read Good Safety Practices Below
Good safety practices should be followed on steep slope roofs, such as use of tie-offs, toe boards, ladders and/or safety ropes and personal body harnesses. Follow OSHA guidelines. Slip resistance may vary with surface conditions from debris that accumulates, weather, footwear and roof pitch. Failure to use proper safety gear can result in serious injury. Depending on roof pitch and surface conditions, blocking may be required to support materials on the roof.


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