Frequently Asked Questions

Are FT Synthetics Products Recyclable?

FT Synthetics is dedicated to researching and developing sustainable underlayments for sale at competitive prices. That being said a huge part of our mission is to make sustainable products that are made from recycled materials, and that are 100% recyclable.

Is FT Synthetics Underlayment Slip Resistant?

Our GripSpot™ Technology with its raised round or square spots provide the best synthetic roofing underlayment surface with our specially designed fibres that increase shoe grip, and our lower channels provide an uneven surface for traction. Our GripSpot™ Technology inherently create channels to ensure water does not stay on the surface of the roofing underlayment.

Can I Private Label FT Synthetics Products?

Take roof top marketing to the highest level with our Private Label Program. FT Synthetics can design, produce, and print synthetic roofing underlayments that exclusively feature your branding. Add logos, contact info, and special promotions for maximum visibility with an industry-leading product.

Can You Include My Company Logo on the Roofing Underlayment?

Take advantage of low-cost marketing with our Dual Logo Program and receive majority branding alongside our own logo and contact information. You’ll be recognized in the community as a leader in sustainable roofing practices and gain valuable exposure for your business when using our synthetic roofing underlayments.

What is GripSpot™ Technology?

FT Synthetics has focused its research towards keeping roofer safety in mind. With safety first in mind, our underlayment GripSpot™ technology will help speed up the installation process on the roof. Our raised round or square spots provide the best surface with our specially designed fibres that increase shoe grip, and our lower channels provide an uneven surface for traction, and they allow water to flow out easily. Our product is light and easy to carry, and it is soft and pliable, making it very easy to work with. Its print design can also help you with faster and accurate installations.

What Type of Roofing Credentials Does FT Synthetics Have?

Our founders have over two decades of experience manufacturing and distributing roofing products with a record of delivering exceptional materials and efficient customer service.

Are FT Synthetics Roofing Underlayments Easy to Install?

FT  Synthetics roofing underlayments with GripSpot™ are lightweight and easy to carry, reducing risk of injury and speeding installation. Wrinkle-free installation means that unlike other products on the market, FT Synthetics roofing underlayments won’t ripple, curve, or trip you up. Our advanced print design also aids installation, providing easy-to-follow guides for laying the material.

What is FT Synthetics Doing For The Environment?

FT Synthetics is committed to protecting the environment because we understand that companies as well as individuals should be responsible stewards of the Earth. Our sustainable technologies produce synthetic roofing underlayments that are 100% recyclable as compared to traditional felts and lower the carbon footprint when comparing the life cycle assessment. FT Synthetics understands that without businesses leading the way to a cleaner tomorrow, the future won’t be nearly as bright.

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