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COPPERHEAD Roof Flashing & Seam Tape

COPPERHEAD RST is a high temperature self adhered waterproofing tape made with an advanced butyl rubber adhesive combined with a durable tri-laminate low density polyethylene facer.  It is designed specifically for use as a roof deck seam and flashing detail tape.  Its 100% butyl adhesive provides the ultimate bond to plywood, OSB, DensDeck, ridged foam insulation, metal, and other common roof deck materials.  Copperhead tape can be used under all standard sloped roof coverings including; slate, tile, cedar, metal, and asphalt shingles.


Copperhead RST tape features an embossed top surface that provides improved slip resistance at the same time as offering an ideal surface that adherers strongly to itself.

  • High-temperature stability for environments up to 260°F(126.7°C).
  • Adhesion up to 3X Stronger than standard modified bitumen products.
  • Extremely low installation temperature 25°F(-4°C) and rising.
  • The advanced adhesive formulation will not crack or dry out and offer up to 18 months of shelf life without significant adhesive strength reduction.
  • Chemically compatible with low slope roofing materials such as EPDM and TPO.
  • Self-sealing around roofing fasteners. The product meets and exceeds ASTM D1970.
  • Watertight bonds without special treatment or requirement for primers.
  • All temperature, all-climate performance -40°Fto 275°F (-40°C to 135°C)
  • Easy to remove silicone treated release liner.
  • UV resistance for 90 days

Length / width per roll75 ft (22.8m) / 4”,6”, 9”or 12”)
Rolls widths available: 4”, 6”,9” & 12”4” – up to 12 rolls/box
6” – up to 8 rolls/box
9”- Up to 4 rolls/box
12” – up to 4 rolls/box
Master box gross coverage per box300 sqft
Master box weight48 lbs

Test and StandardCopperhead Tape
Length / width per roll75 ft (22.8m) / 4”,6”, 9”or 12”
Rolls widths available: 4”, 6”,9” & 12”4” – up to 12 rolls/box
6” – up to 8 rolls/box
9” – up to 4 rolls/box
12” – up to 4 rolls/box
Slip resistant surfaceEmbossed Traction Grip
Release linerDouble-sided silicone treated
split-release liner
Fastener sealability per ASTM D1970Pass
Permeability – ASTM E96<0.05 Perms
Air Permability ASTM E2178<0.001 l/s/m2
Minimum thickness – ASTM D197031 mils
Tensile strength MD / CD – ASTM D197080 lbs (36kg) / 75 lbs (34kg)
Elongation: ASTM D1970 – MD/CD30% / 30%
Tear resistance MD / CD – ASTM D197070 lbs (32 kg) / 60 lbs (27 kg)
Low-Temperature Flexibility ASTM D5147Pass
Adhesion to plywood @75°F(23°C) | 40°F(4.4°C) – ASTM D197075 lbf /ft |65 lbf /ft
Adhesion to metal @75°F(23°C) /40°F(4.4°C) – ASTM D197085 lbf /ft |80 lbf /ft 70 lbf
Thermal stability – ASTM D1970260° F (126.7°C)
Installation temperature25°F (-4°C) and rising
UV resistance90 Days
Limited warranty10 Years

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