100% Recyclable for a Sustainable Future

FT Synthetics is committed to protecting the environment because we understand that companies as well as individuals should be responsible stewards of the Earth. Our sustainable technologies produce a product that is made of renewable materials, and is itself 100% recyclable.


Our underlayments not only outperform the competition, we have a much lower carbon-footprint too. To some companies this wouldn’t matter. But FT Synthetics knows that without businesses leading the way to a cleaner tomorrow, the future won’t be nearly as bright.


We are driven by a vision

Created by experts especially for roofers, FT Synthetics is dedicated to researching and developing sustainable underlayments for sale at competitive prices. Our underlayments are designed with the contractor in mind, offering superior traction, incredible flexibility, and lightweight, eco-friendly materials for easy installation.

Things we are good at

Our environmental commitment is one of the more important core principals of our existence.

Support and develop manufacturing processes with lower impact
Produce materials that can be recycled or reused
Recycle and reuse materials during manufacturing
Improve existing products for reduced impact
Decrease the amount of waste that ends up in landfills

Why Sustainability?

As citizens concerned with the longevity of our ecosystem, we recognize the need for businesses to take a leadership role in reducing waste. The construction industry in North America contributes millions of tons to the solid waste stream each day – much of it goes straight to the landfill. Waste in landfills has major environmental impacts on air, water, and soil quality as well as posing dangers to human health.

Reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills is an endeavor that ultimately benefits all of us. Economically, recycling and reuse has the advantage of creating closed-loop cycles where construction materials cost less and use fewer resources. Reducing landfill space also results in lower disposal fees, less pollution, and expanded opportunities for material reuse.

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