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FT Synthetics products come with over two decades of research through listening to our customers, engineers, architects, roofing contractors/installers and home owners. Our products provide ultimate high performance and protection for the installer and your home. Our products are fully synthetic, 100% recyclable, offer superior grip protection, excellent UV resistance, are the most pliable and of course are easy to use. They are light weight but durable and provide the best protection available in the market. PRO-20 is your cost effective and reliable 15 lb felt replacement product, which is easy to carry, and has 2.5X more coverage per roll as compared to felt.

  • Superior nonwoven slip resistance surface
  • Lighter weight
  • 90 day UV resistant
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • Greater coverage per roll
  • 100% Recyclable water resistant polyolefin construction
  • Wrinkle free and low temperature flexibility for ease of installation
  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • NEW! Florida Building Code Approved FL22692
WIDTH42" (1.07 M)
LENGTH286' (87.2 M)
Test and StandardFT SYNTHETICS PRO-2015 Lb. Felt
Material Composition
Breaking Strength ASTM D 5034 MD
101 lb (46 kg)NA
Breaking Strength ASTM D 5034 CD
96 lb (44 kg)
Tear Strength ASTM D4533 MD
25 lb (11 kg)NA
Tear Strength ASTM D4533 CD
23 lb (10 kg)
Water shower Exposure ASTM D 4869
Permeability ASTM E96
<0.05 Perms
6 Perms
Nominal Thickness ASTM D1777 
10 mils
21 mils
Temperature Range 
-40°F to 240°F
Mullen Burst
102 psi
The Data shown above is based on the test averages and independent test reports. There can be a +/-10% variation in the individual test results. This report should not be considered as a warranty for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is not responsible for the misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the data by the reader. Please find out more about the product by calling 1-844-Flextex or visit www.ftsyn.com

Caution: Always follow Safety Instruction, Building Codes and Safe Work Practices issues by the local Govt. bodies (e.g. OSHA / WCB)

FT Synthetics products should be installed with Plastics Cap or Metal Cap nails with either ring shank or smooth shank Nails. DO NOT USE STAPLES. Use of staples will void the Manufacturer’s warranty.
FT Synthetics products are a secondary layer protection approved for installation over plywood with proper fasteners. FT Synthetics underlayment is an air, vapour and water barrier with <1 Perm. FT Synthetics underlayment is laid out horizontally with printed side up using 6” vertical laps and 4” horizontal laps. The overlaps ensure that the water runs over the overlaps without getting under the material. Before installing the underlayment ensure that the roof is clear of any debris or any sharp protrusions.
Product must be attached to the roofing structure using 1” plastic or metal cap nails. Product must be fastened with the nail pattern printed on the product. All anchoring must be performed flush to the roof, 90 degrees to the roof deck that will hold the material tightly with the plywood. For prolonged exposure, double the overlaps. PRO-20 has  3 months UV protection but it should not be considered a final roofing system. A proper final roofing system should be installed over the product to get the proper protection. Product is a secondary barrier used over plywood, under a roofing system like wood and asphalt shingles, tiles, slate and metal roof.

Safety Notification:
FT Synthetics PRO-20 is designed with a nonwovwn top surface for better skid protection for the roofer but product may become slippery due to high moisture, frost, rain, water, dust, debris or other conditions. Use precautions when working on the roof. Follow all local and federal safety codes when installing any roofing system including FT Synthetics products. Failure to adhere to those procedures may result in serious injury or even death.

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